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9.15 “Where to hide in Augusta at Dusk?” or “The highs and lows of Rural Georgia”

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At least this time it’s not a Beetle. It’s no pick-up either but, then again, I don’t really pass for a farm boy anyway. It is, however, a shiny black urban crossover with Illinois plates (see below). The land of Lincoln? Not hardly; but it sure is pretty out here.

My first successful stop of the day – the previous stops resulted in four missing markers, many mistrustful looks (a recurring theme, you’ll soon see) and two very helpful strangers – was at Old Town plantation (see gallery below). And I wish the day could have ended there. It was too cool for words, really, though here come several anyway:

Old Town is the jewel of Jefferson County and would sparkle most anywhere.  On the grounds are a beautiful Craftsman-bungalow farm house (all that remains of the original are three brick chimneys), a family library contained in a mini-Monticello, a lovely Brick Water-tower, several county vernacular cottages, a bed and breakfast (how cool), and a confectionary. All encased by the green, green fields of fertile Middle Georgia. Having learned that the owner of this property is a member of GHS, I will be sure to call on her for a more detailed look.

Several hours of surveying later, I arrived at A.H. Stephens State Park in the postage stamp town of Crawfordville. There I was to be escorted by a most courteous park employee to Cottage #2 (see below) where, for the first time, I would be bedding down to stay in one of our lovely state parks.

I then took a pleasant (code for hotter than blazes) 45-minute stroll back to the main office so the wonderful staff could re-unlock the cottage. These days, it seems I can muss up a situation in only 30 seconds, which is exactly the amount of time it took me to lock the cottage keys, my black Chevy HHR keys and my cell phone inside. I did not, however, lose my hiking shoes or my camera (please see exclusive post trauma video below). Aw well, if that’s the worst thing that can happen today then I’m still doin’ pretty well. Ominous, huh? What possibly could these omens portend? It’s probably nothing . . . off to Augusta.


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October 1, 2008 at 4:49 pm