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Welcome to the Georgia Historical Marker Survey Journal!

Hello and welcome to the first leg of what will be, hopefully, an enjoyable and worthwhile journey. I cant say that the tone wont droop into cynicism occasionally and maybe I’m too dry for my own good, but these posts will reflect actual survey experiences so a little personality is inevitable. Here we go, and remember the goal of this blog is education (stifled laugh) so lets do some learnin’.

This first month has already been exciting. I can’t say that it has all been peaches and cream and Lord knows I’ve certainly made some enemies, (see below) but I’ve also made some friends, unfortunately you will have to take my word on this one.

I’ve also seen a lot of beautiful places in Georgia and on this blog I will be showing you some of these place, w/ words, photos and even motion pictures. Some of the time I will be providing histories and some of the time I will just be showing you interesting things that i’ve found along the way. And, sometimes, you will just be caught up in the journey

I also want you to take part in this journal and your input is greatly encouraged. So, if you feel so inclined, leave me comments, suggestions and ideas of what might make this blog more interactive and enjoyable for all participants.  For all of you who are intrepid enough to leave comments, I will try to respond to you individually because I want to keep the dialog flowing and dynamic.

In addition, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you. Official Historical Society business is taking me all over this great state of ours and I’ll periodically update my travel itineraries. If you are anywhere close to my survey area, please let me know because I would enjoy the occasion to talk Georgia History and to hear about what makes this state so interesting.

Now, lets get going!


Written by 4baldtires

October 1, 2008 at 7:13 pm